BIG BANG - Fantastic Baby English Cover

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Make the speakers blow
til we lose control
We gon party like LILILILALA-OH.

If your heart is cold,
I will make it glow
cause we gon party like LILILILALA-OH.

Girl, you can drop everything and just go
With the flow, cause we gon be alright (alright)
Its been a while since your last, I can tell
that youre scared,
theres no need, just trust me-e-e-e

nanananana (x2)
WOW... Fantastic baby.

DANCE. (woohoo)
I wanna dan-an-an-a-ance
Fantastic baby.
DANCE. (woohoo)
I wanna dan-an-an-a-ance
WOW... Fantastic baby.

Verse 1
Its time to lose it (hey)
Turn up that music (hey)
Is this song long enough to make you fall in love and make your heart race (wait)
You think Im tired? (HUH?) Catch me on fire (HUH??)
G-Dragon taught me well.

(no TOP rap cause none of us have enough swag T_T)

I feel it, I feel your heartbeat
And I can hardly
Believe that you are feelin me
I cant... baby dont stop this, I dont usually do this
I cant control this
You make me go AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH-H-H-H (lol)

WOW... Fantastic baby.


Boomshakalaka (x3)

Verse 2
Come chase me if you think you can catch me
You got me fallin madly
cause everything you dos got me sprung, so
mama, just let me be your lover
Ill never love a-no-o-o-o-o-ther

more freshly dressed than all the rest
girl, if you want a show
come for a ride, let me inside, girl Ill give you a go

Girl you can trust me, love me, f- HUG me.
You can do all that you please



girls, throw your hands up~ (yeah x3)
chicks, throw your hands up~ (yeah x3)
babes, throw your hands up~ (yeah x3)
b-WITCHES, throw your hands up~ (yeah x3)

fantastic baby.

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