S3RL - Pika Girl

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Публикация: 2015-11-17

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Written, produced and engineered by Jole Hughes.
Vocals by Jole Hughes.
Idea by Nick Terwilliger


I wish the we,
Were on TV,
Just like in Pokemon.

Youd be a Pika-girl,
In the Poke world.
Yes life would be so fun.

Id be a trainer boy,
And I would make the choice,
To go and search for you.

Id throw my pokeball,
And I would catch them all.
Youd be my Pikachu.

Youre my pika girl,
In the poke world.
Oh, I won the gym badge but you won my heart.

Pika girl,
In the poke world.
And now that Ive got you we can never part.

The pokeball in my lifes open for you.

Youre my pika girl,
In the poke world.
Just like in Pokemon.

Id bring you sweets,
Like Rare Candys.
Level up your love to give.

And then youd use right then,
A Sweet Kiss .
Super effective.

Not even the Elite Four.
Could stop us ever more.
Together we cant fall

Our bond would never break.
And thered be no mistake.
Our love would conquer all.

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