Tarja Turunen - Dark Star Piano Instrumental

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Публикация: 2015-12-28

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Burning out in the distance
Youre falling, starting to fade,
Light is condemned to be tied down
By gravity close to the end,
Do you still remember?
Before the weight that pulled you under
Dared you to rise

Where are you now?
Are you proud of the life you wasted?
Wearing the crown of illusion you created,
Youll never know what it feels like to shine,
Youre the master in your own mind
But a slave to all,
You are a dark star

Is never enough,
You keep clawing for what you cant reach,
Smothering space filled without any grace
And I cant breathe,
Nothing lasts forever,
Even the stars will lose their lustre
Returning to dust


Видеоклип Tarja Turunen - Dark Star (Piano Instrumental)
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